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ericrovve [userpic]

Here's one I've been trying to get and have it at last. A male bluebird sitting on his nest-box ready to feed his mate inside, who sitting on her eggs.


Nice shot and congratulations.

Great job?!

The bird is pretty. What's your favorite bird?

Well, all these birds over here un the USA are new to me, although I did see some of them about 3 years ago and so they become something special, but for my favourite bird I'd probably pick the Eurasian Lapwing. Could change my mind tomorrow, though

Oh, he's beautiful (and I see, very aptly named). You must be chuffed finally getting the shot you wanted. Well done.

Yes, thoroughly pleased with this one - the female is quite a smart bird, too, neater. Now all that's over and I'm back home, I still prefer the, often less colourful, European birds I've known so long. Did get a last minute shot of the only hummingbird they get that far north. It never stops astouding me. I'll put it up when I get sorted out here.