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Our Bird Sanctuary
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June 2017
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Calzephyr [userpic]
Blue Jays!

We have some new neighbourhood residents - blue jays! I saw four of them flying overhead last week and prior to that heard their amazing screeching. Usually a blue jay has been a here or there sighting, but it looks like this bunch is sticking around.

One of them was eating something on the deck railing this morning. I don't know what it was - I assume some crud it picked out of the eavestrough. It startled my own bird and he was quite intrigued as it hopped all over the railing and eventually flew away. I have no idea why my pet birds think of the outside birds, but it's pretty exciting to see them :-)


Blue jays are lovely from what I've seen on them (TV, photos etc). That said, the jays we have in the UK are also lovely, but not as blue! :)

I wonder if it's something in their diet that gives them that colour :-)