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Our Bird Sanctuary
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March 2018
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ericrovve [userpic]
Ruby-throated Hummingbird

This tiny bird makes it way up into north-eastern United Dtates every year. This year he was several days late and I nearly missed him. With all the cold, wet weather in the last weeks, I can't blame him.


What an absolutely beautiful, iridescent bird and a great shot. I've only ever seen them on tv and never in real life.

Yes, a really amazing bird - its size, speed, colour - and the amazing way it can fly backwards !! Cold and wet, back here in France; must have brought it with me....

Flying backwards? How cool!

Ahh... so it's YOU who is to blame for the weather! It's snowing here, which is absurd in the middle of May. I can't believe that we've gone from 25°C a couple of days ago to snow. I worry about the nesting birds - they really don't need this.