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Our Bird Sanctuary
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March 2018
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melegyrn [userpic]
Grand Canyon Bird

This isn't exactly a "backyard bird" unless, that is, your backyard happens to be the Grand Canyon. However, I'm very eager to identify this critter. It and a few companions were perched just over the south canyon rim edge at Yavapai Point, roughly an hour before sunset about two weeks ago. Someone thought it was a Chickadee, but I know that's not correct. Its beak is too long, for one, and the markings are not quite right. I checked my bird books and did not find a likely candidate, so I'm counting someone here to identify this fellow. Thanks.



Okay, previous comment got marked as spam because I included a link (which I was afraid would happen, but oh well). So anyway -- I'm thinking it's a nuthatch, like maybe a White-breasted Nuthatch. First thought was wren, but it's not quite right for a wren, and it looks little and "blunt" like a nuthatch.

Bingo! That's it!

It just got lost in all the Sibley birds, and maybe it was the "upside down" position in my Audubon Society guide that made me miss it completely...

Thanks much!

I've been away from live journal for a while...links weren't a problem then. I'll keep that in mind. That said, I got your original reply and was able to follow the link. That photo is much better than the images in either of my guides. These guys were backlit and didn't stay in one spot for long, and that always makes it harder for identification. But I have that problem with most birds. :-D



And you're very welcome! We get nuthatches around here (North Central Texas) on occasion, so I knew the little guy looked oh so familiar. I'm envious of your Grand Canyon trip. :-)

Nuthatches not so common here--in Seattle, . I couldn't pass up the invitation for this trip. Seeing the Grand Canyon was the main reason I went. My friends and I are thinking about a road trip down that way. have been, off and on for a few years. If you get the chance, go.

We were hoping to spot some condors, as there is a release program in the park, but only saw Turkey Vultures. If you ever need to find Turkey Vultures, I can oblige. I find them whenever I'm looking for Hawks, Eagles, and the occasional condor.

Gorgeous bird! Glad someone was able to identify it for you! :)